May 28, 2012

Bhutan DXpedition Update: May 29, 2012

May 29, 2012, from A5A Bhutan DXpedition

Greetings from Bhutan. A couple notes to report. The past few days have been full of official meetings for Zorro and his international survey team (Harvard, Waseda, The University of Tokyo, and SEISA) with the Bhutan Government officials. The Ministry of Education, Health, Economics, and even Bhutan's Football (soccer) The team has been on the calendar discussing future needs. KL2A and ZL1GO were in on the action as well entertaining 20+ university students in the A5A shack for a live demonstration of the radio and introducing (more politely, urging) the very exciting reality that some in the room would become charter members of the future Royal Thimphu College Radio Club. We called CQ and answered a CQ by M0REX. The FGC is delighted to donate the radio and equipment including ordering an installation of a new first radio tower for the club. The ceremony is forthcoming.

The radio condx are very good to the needed areas and we are working hard to be available on those paths. We have seen long openings in our darkness on the high bands, it is quite exciting. We have been running the 6m beacon most of the day and are working on the lower bands now as well. Club Log is underway as JJ1LIB has departed back to Japan and will officiate these duties daily. Please keep your comments coming, follow us on Twitter for live updates, and thank you for your support! We are honored to add one more to your rankings.

73 A5A Team

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